About Us

About Us

YES for Parks and Open Space is a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers who care deeply about the environment and Denver’s vanishing open space.  From top to bottom, NO ONE in this group is getting paid for their efforts, no one.

We are fighting for Denver and the environmental health and future of this City and right now, ground zero in this fight is the last large parcel of open land – the 155 acres of the former Park Hill Golf Course.

The City and a developer want to pave over this last piece of open space and possible park land – we can’t let that happen.

In just the last decade, Denver has dropped from11th to 22nd in park land per capita leading to overcrowded parks or non-existent recreational opportunities for families – especially those in underserved communities like Northeast Park Hill.

What little open space that remains within our city limits is rapidly becoming consumed for housing, retail and other uses that eliminate the mature trees and green space that provides not only a peaceful place to relax, exercise and play, but also reduces pollution, storm water runoff and most of all the “Heat Island Effect” which can raise local temperatures by more than 10 degrees over permeable grounds.

In the November 2021 election, we will have a measure on the ballot called “Parks and Open Space Preservation” it complements and extends the Denver Municipal Code to protect park lands and other open space from unwanted development. Without costing any taxpayer dollars, it will lead both the city and developers in the direction of adding to our parks system and look at redeveloping and reinvigorating existing industrial, commercial or other sites that already have roads, utilities and other infrastructure already in place that could be used for mixed use residential/commercial and workforce housing.

However, the developer wanting to build on that land has also introduced a competing measure, intentionally meant to confuse voters into thinking they are protecting conservation easements but they are NOT.  Their measure exempts the Park Hill Golf Course land and leaves it open for development.

We need you in this fight with us!

If you can, please use our Donate link to help our cause. 

We hope you will join us in our vision of keeping Denver the “City within a Park”.

Thank you