Current Properties Pending Development in NE Denver

Proposed development map

Where’s the GREEN?

  • 1997 – The City of Denver (under Mayor Wellington Webb) purchases a Conservation Easement for Park Hill Golf Course for $2 million. The Conservation Easement prohibits development.
  • July 2019 – Westside purchases the property (with the Conservation Easement) for $24 million.
  • November 2019 – A Greater Park Hill Community-commissioned survey finds 77% of neighbors prefer the property “remain entirely some kind of green space/park or golf course”.
  • November 2021 – Denver voters approve the Ballot measure (301) requiring that development of any property under a Conservation Easement be approved by a city-wide vote. Denver voters also defeat the Ballot measure (302) that proposes excluding the Park Hill Golf Course from this city-wide vote.
  • July 2022 – Westside submits a large development plan to the city. Claims are made to the legitimacy of a public process and these claims are widely disputed. ● October 2022 – Westside submits a zoning change request for the property to the Denver Community Planning and Development Department. The City approves the rezoning request.
  • City Council Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTI) holds public hearing on rezoning application NOVEMBER 8th – Comments Due NOVEMBER 3rd.
  • Estimated mid-December to early January – City Council public meeting to approve these same documents.