Imagining a Great Park

Proposed Park Map

We’ve seen what the Denver CPD team has presented as possible plans for mixed use development on the former Park Hill Golf Course Land – imagine what these 155 acres could look like as a park and open space.  We have consistently looked to other cities around the country and what they have done and this map is a possible version for Denver.  This is a layout of what residents (through surveys) have expressed a desire for – it is simply a place to visualize is possible as a park and open space – but we need your feedback!  Please participate in the following survey and let us know your thoughts on these ideas and what may still be missing. 

You’ll be taken through the map one section at a time and asked for comments.  At the end, we’ll ask you what else you may want to see and there is also a section for overall comments.

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A-Ziggurat, an observation hill with a circular walk-up path

B-Shortgrass Prairie Restoration with Footpaths

C-Traditional Playground

D-Tennis, Basketball or Pickleball Courts

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E-Dog-off-leash Area

F-Winter Sliding Bowl

G-Existing Detention Basin

H-Fishing Pond

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I-Community Garden Plots


K-Maintenance Area

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L-Multi-purpose Sports Fields


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N-Formal Xeric Gardens


P-303 Artway Mall

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Q-Running Track

R-Field House

S-Skate Park

T-Water Park

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U-Adventure Playground

V-Bowling Green

W-Pedestrian, Bike and Maintenance Trails

X-Community House

Other Possibilities

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