Save Open Space Denver Responses – Council District 10

Shannon Hoffman

Shannon fully supports all of the elements in your position statements. She is a champion for protecting our parks and open space, and the protection of conservation easements.

Let me know if you need any additional information, and we appreciate your work to make sure candidates are promoting solid principles for future discussions around the use of our green space.

Chris Hinds

As promised, now that 2O has been defeated, we are already moving forward the legislation to return all 155 acres of the Park Hill Golf Course back to its original zoning of Open Space.  That passed through our Land Use and Transportation Infrastructure committee today and will pass completely through Council before the end of this Council’s term.  I believe the estimated date of the final vote in Council is the end of June.  I look forward to working with the new Mayor – whoever that may be – to ensure Park Hill Golf Course meets the needs of the people of Denver.  I also commit to voting against any new request for rezoning (after the rezoning back to Open Space, mentioned above), as the people of Denver have made their opinions clearly heard with 301, 302, and 2O.  There’s no need to require a fourth vote of the people for any reason.

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