Examples from Around the Country

By preserving this last piece of open space in our city, we can use this opportunity to create a community gathering place. Here are some other examples from around the country where open space has been used to:

  • Bring revitalization and growth to communities
  • Obtain meaningful community and residential involvement
  • Promote workforce and youth development
  • Form civic and business partnerships

Lindsay Street Park, Atlanta

  • Natural greenspace utilized to recreate historical streambeds allowed storm water to absorb more slowly and filter into soils
  • Partnership with Atlanta Youth Corps and U-Haul provided jobs to 4 young adults to help construct the park
  • Park Ambassadors Program created to get community members involved in advocated and activating the park, providing technical support, resources, and capacity building for Ambassadors, who plan events and promote projects

Atlanta Food Forest

  • Community members have increased access to fresh, nutritious food with 30 new community garden beds
  • Educational programs including gardening and cooking classes encourage physical activity and healthy eating
  • Food Forest employs residents who also participate in a paid workforce development training
  • School partnerships bring students to for STEM-based, outdoor learning and environmental education
  • Walking trails provide opportunities for exercise and recreational activities

Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park, Atlanta

  • Residents receive paid training in construction, masonry, landscaping and green infrastructure design, as well as financial literacy and other soft skills
  • Rain gardens will capture storm water and runoff
  • Community members will participate in environmental education and citizen science opportunities to learn about green infrastructure and urban ecology
  • Native plants incorporated to ensure urban habitat is available for native wildlife

Rouge Park, Detroit

  • 1,100 acres restored to provide a community gathering place with a golf course and driving range, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, playgrounds, and bike trails
  • Park is owned by the city and maintained by local groups to increase community buy-in and drive responsive revitalization
  • 1600 trees have been planted to revitalize the area

Diversity Nurtures Achievements Community Youth Center, Warsaw, North Carolina

  • Provides year-round, extended science, technology, engineering, and math focused learning opportunities including summer camp and after school support
  • Speaker series focused on career exploration and engagement with natural resource professions, focusing on professionals of color

Garret Park, Baltimore

  • Healthy recreation and therapeutic nature experiences through walking trails
  • Storm water retention and erosion control
  • Afterschool sports leagues provide opportunity for young people to learn soft skills in sports management, coaching, refereeing, and management of amenities (ex. concession stands

Denver Models and Potential Collaborations

While many models of successful parks exist throughout the country, the PHGC protected land provides the opportunity for meaningful community engagement and youth development.

  • Models such as Levitt Pavilion in Denver serve as an example of the type of infrastructure that could be created to provide community gathering places. A well thought out amphitheater could provide a better music venue and listening experience for events like City Park Jazz
  • The protected land could also add cultural value such as being a permanent home for events like the Colorado Black Arts Festival or other similar cultural events