These are just a few of the people and organizations that support Initiative 301 and oppose Initiative 302.

The Honorable Wellington E. Webb – Former Mayor of Denver:
“My endorsement of this measure is simple…we cannot lose this last large piece of open land to development.  It is a battle between green space versus concrete.”

The Honorable Joan Fitz-Gerald – Former Member of the Colorado State Senate:
“The fact that a developer launched their own ballot measure to intentionally confuse voters on this issue is just more of the same deceit we’ve seen for years, now.  We need to fight this battle and I’m all in!”

The Honorable Anne McGihon – Former Member of the Colorado State House of Representatives:
“For me, it’s a simple question and answer.  Do we let developers tear up a perpetual conservation easement?  My answer is NO!”

Jeff “Brother Jeff” Fard – Multimedia Journalist and Community Organizer:   “When is a perpetual conservation easement actually perpetual?  This measure will help ensure that conservation easements, especially those that are city-owned, stay in place in perpetuity as originally promised.”

Congress Park United Neighbors:
“Initiative 301 is a citizen-led initiative by residents like you to ensure that the conservation easement that was voted for and paid for by Denver residents continues in perpetuity at the former site of the Park Hill Golf Course. In stark contrast, Initiative 302 is led by none other than Andy Klein of Westside Development and his ally, Mayor Hancock.  You may recall that Mr. Klein contributed funding to promote the East Central and East Area Plans. While he enjoys his single family zoning, access to parks and greenspace, he would ask you to go without.  While he comfortably enjoys safe access to transportation, neighborhood amenities, and grocery stores, he promotes policies to increase housing costs and decrease access to services for those who need them the most.”

Our Revolution Metro Denver:
Our Revolution Metro Denver (ORMD) strongly supports the Denver Ballot Measure Yes for Parks and Open Space, Initiative 301. This initiative gives power to Denver voters to decide the fate of our rapidly disappearing open and green space in Denver. ORMD is committed to supporting actions that protect our parks and  City-owned conservation easements. Furthermore, ORMD opposes Ballot Measure 302 which is a counter-measure of the protection of Denver parks.

Drew Dutcher – Denver Resident in Elyria-Swansea:
“Increasing and enhancing green space and trees is a tremendous opportunity for Denver to move in the direction of fighting pollution, cooling the planet, giving children access to nature, and adults a respite from the stress of modern life.  The value of trees and open, green space to urban life should be self-evident.”

Aaron Goldhamer:
“Vote YES for Initiated Ordinance 301 and NO against Initiated Ordinance 302 because the Hancock administration appears ready to disregard state law–Colo. Rev. Stat. § 38-30.5-107–in terminating a conservation easement for which Denver taxpayers paid $2,000,000.”

Michael Kosnett  – MD, MPH, Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Environmental & Occupational Health – CU Anschutz:
“Denver’s growth and congestion make conservation of all of this green space a public health imperative: It will combat heat island effects and promote exercise, recreation and healing relaxation.”

Tony Pigford – Denver Resident:
This ballot initiative gives voters the right to decide on the future of land that they rightfully, through paying their taxes, own in perpetuity. It gives the power to Denver voters, not developers who don’t live in our city. 

Jay Rust – Denver Resident:
“Denver is land locked. There is not another 155 acres in Denver that can be a regional park and open space. There are properties around this land that can be redeveloped for housing and community needs such as a grocery store. Vote YES for Parks and Open Space ballot initiative!”

Kathleen Wells – Denver Resident:
“How can we not preserve our last large open green space, in light of the climate catastrophe we are facing?”

More endorsers:
The Elyria-Swansea Neighborhood Organization
Greater Park Hill Community, Inc.
Larry Ambrose
Susan Barnes-Gelt
Laurie Bogue Councilmember Candi Cde Baca
Dr. Lisa Calderon Brad Cameron
The Colorado Green Party
Dana Crawford
Drew Dutcher
Rafael Espinoza
Ford Frick
Woody Garnsey
Georgia Garnsey
Xochitl Gaytan
Jim Gibson
Bonnie Gilbert
Regina Jackson
Cindy Johnstone
John Kappler
Alice Kelly
Jim Kelley
Terry Kelly
Philippa Marrack
Hon. Rosemary Marshall
Tracey MacDermott
Jason Paul McGlaughlin
Tash Mitchell
Christine O’Connor
Overlook at Park Hill Homeowners Association
Overlook at Park Hill Registered Neighborhood Organization
Cindy Pena
Owen Perkins
Rocky Piro
Beverly Piro
Jane Potts
Maggie Price
Jay Rust
Kathleen Rust
Yadira Sanchez
Sierra Club denounces initiative 302
Cindy Sestrich
Hon. Penfield Tate
Tony Vaida
Patti Wells
Carole Woodall
Dick Young
Lorie Young
Nan Young