Why We Should Build Around the PHGC Land, Not On It

  • 68% of the neighborhood surrounding the PHGC land voted FOR protecting the conservation easement
  • 63% of all Denver voters rejected development of the PHGC land in November 2021
  • The perpetual conservation easement (paid for by Denver taxpayers) has grown in value from $2 million to $60 million in today’s market.  The city wants taxpayers to give $60 million away to its developer partner by canceling the conservation easement WE own
  • The developer spent over $636,000 claiming to speak for the neighborhood, and were proven wrong
  • Hundreds of income-restricted residential units will be built just across the street from the PHGC land (Urban Land Conservancy)
  • Hundreds more income-restricted townhomes and apartments are being built down the street (DelWest at 38th and Holly)
  • Unlike a development at PHGC, neither project above will impose a private property tax surcharge on homeowners or businesses to pay off high-interest bonds issued by a developer-run Metro Tax District
  • At least two developer groups have bought up 34 parcels around the 40th and Colorado Train Station for high-density development.  That means over 50 acres within walking and biking distance of the PHGC land are already primed for mixed-use residential and commercial redevelopment without cutting down any of the 440 PHGC trees or sacrificing the environmental and recreational benefits if the PHGC land were a full service, regional park
  • Hundreds more residential units are already planned along 40th Avenue, won’t they need open green space?
  • The city’s hand-picked Steering Committee is dominated by pro-development advocates.  Their claim that the city speaks for, and is listening to, the community is disingenuous at best.
  • The city’s predetermined “Prevailing Vision” is short-sighted, and absolutely lacks vision.

This is a picture of the 25 acres of flood detention area CPD now appears to be counting as “park land” despite Denver Parks and Recreation indicating it cannot safely be used for such a purpose.

See for yourself the overwhelming support for Initiative 301 that voters told the city and the developer that we need to protect the perpetual conservation easement and the PHGC land from development.  It passed in nearly 300 precincts, barely losing just 7 precincts – none located close to PHGC land!

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